Research Impact


  • The results of the research on pervious pavements and stormwater reuse have been included in the new Statewide Rule and Stormwater Applicant Handbook by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Water Management Districts in Florida. The work at the Stormwater Management Academy forms the basis for many of the best management practices included in these publications.
  • The recently completed research project on the impact of fertilization on slopes using the innovative rainfall simulator has been published in the FDOT Research Showcase as a success story in quantifying the nutrients in the runoff from fertilization. The new practice adopted by FDOT is significantly reducing the amount of nitrogen and eliminating all phosphorus in the discharge from these slopes.
  • My research on the investigation of shrink and swell factors for soils used in earthwork calculations has led to millions in savings to the state of Florida due to improved factors. The results of the research were incorporated into the FDOT payment schedules and form the basis for earthwork in the state.
  • I served as a member of the ACI 522 Committee that developed the specifications for the construction and testing of pervious concrete pavement. Our research formed the basis for a portion of this national publication.
  • The research on Zero-Valent Permeable Treatment walls has been used as the basis for enhanced technologies in groundwater cleanup for TCE contamination.
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